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New Author Mentorship

Unlock Your Author Potential with Expert Mentorship!

  • Have you been desiring to write a book, but you don't know where to begin?

  • Is there a growing burden inside of you to put your message in a book?

  • Are you praying that God would send someone to help you write your book?

  • Do value the personalized mentorship of an experienced author?

  • Are you tired of searching? Search no more. Here is the opportunity for you to write your book:

    • Yolandita is an established author of five published books and counting

    • Yolandita will take you step by step through the process that she has used to become a published author.

    • Yolandita has connections to trade secrets that will save you time and money.


Don't let your potential masterpiece remain just a dream. With Yolandita's mentorship, you're not only investing in your book but in your legacy. Grab your chance to accelerate your journey with a mentor dedicated to your success. This is your chance to go further faster with a mentor who has a standard of excellence and wants you to succeed!


Dive Deep into Our Tailored Christian Non-Fiction Mentorship Program for New Authors:

One-On-One Mentorship/Coaching

FREE 30 Minute Initial Consultation

1 Hour Bi-Weekly Sessions
4 Sessions $600 ($150/Session)
6 Sessions $750 ($125/Session)
8 Sessions $800 ($100/Session)


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