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The Almighty I AM

Prayers and Declarations to Know and Encounter God

A Powerful Journey With the Almighty I AM 


Do you truly and deeply know who God Is? He is our Heavenly Father, and He desires to reveal Himself to you more profoundly. He wants you to understand the pure, untainted, and absolute truth about Him and His love for you. Through these 24 powerful prayers and declarations with over 3,000 names, attributes, characteristics, truths, promises, and works of God, you will start an incredible spiritual journey with the Almighty I AM.

In this book, you will learn to

  • Know God in a deeper way beyond religion;

  • Change atmospheres with your prayers and declarations of His names;

  • Pray God’s language effectively from a position of authority through Christ Jesus;

  • Pray and decree declarations of faith and truth over your life;

  • Align your heart and mind with His perfect will and plan; and

  • Get a new understanding of how loved and valuable you are to Him.


These 24 prayers are based on God’s inherent character and attributes, and will provide you with a new revelation of the Almighty I AM. When you go through challenging times and need divine guidance, they will revive your soul and help you stay anchored in Him as you grow in spiritual intimacy with God.

Also included are seven prayers and declarations about your identity and who you are to God, which will help you encounter your Heavenly Father and feel accepted by Him.

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Revival Worshipers for the Last Days

An Urgent Call to a Deeper Revelation of God's Nature

Revival Worship Releases the Atmosphere of Heaven

When God wants to give you something enormous, it always comes in seed form. This seed grows as you intentionally seek to know who God is and as you discover your purpose. Revival worshipers of the King of kings partner with the Holy Spirit to release a renewed awareness of God’s nature and reverence for Him, which causes everything else to become less important.

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