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Name Above All Names

Everything in history, past and present, has a name. There are names for things, places, illnesses, stages of life, animals, and people. There are famous and popular names of inventors, singers, authors, painters, celebrities, and so on.

Nonetheless, there is NONE other Name like His Name, the Name of Jesus Christ! His Name is ABOVE all other names. His Name has perpetual Dominion and Power! His Name is all-powerful! His Name is ALL we could ever want, dream or need!

His Name is the MOST famous Name of ALL time and for all eternity! His Name carries ALL Deity of God. His Name is stronger than any name of diseases, illnesses, or traumas. His Name carries the Honor and Glory of the Father. His Name is to be worshiped by all in heaven and earth and underneath the earth. His Mighty Name is and will always be ABOVE ALL past, present, and future names no matter how powerful they might believe themselves to be.

HIS NAME REIGNS FOR ETERNITY! This is who our GOD is! Get to know Him deeper today!

Embracing a Deeper Journey … with the Almighty I AM


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